Sex at Work E1-Is This Sexual Harassment, or Not?

Are unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature considered sexual harassment?  The Law Sisters will explore these topics and define what sexual harassment is, when it is illegal, and give you some advice to use if you find yourself in this situation.

Sex at Work E2-Fox News Sexual Harassment Epidemic

We talk about sexual harassment issues that apply — and not just to Fox.  Such as:  What was it about the Fox News culture that helped the scandals start?  Are there things you should say no to, in order to avoid getting in trouble with the “star employee?”  Are confidentiality clauses really confidential? Ultimately, who gets punished more, the perpetrator or the victim? And Our Bad Boss of the Week is not who you think!

Sex at Work Episode 3-Civil vs Criminal Sexual Harassment

In this episode, we discuss what to consider about reporting a crime when you are sexually assaulted at work.  Can you count on the civil justice system to take care of you in your hour of need?  Or should you go to the police?  We explain the different ways that a victim of sexual harassment can navigate the hazardous waters surrounding police reports, the government, and lawsuits.  

Sex at Work Episode 4-Are We Over Uber yet?

In this episode, we investigate how a blog post blew the cover off of the culture of sexual harassment at Uber!  We dive into tech and the Brogrammer culture in Silicon Valley. And do you have to be concerned about retaliation if you witness sexual harassment and tell the truth about it?  What does the Supreme Court say about protections for witnesses?  And don’t miss our shout out to a really forward-thinking man on this episode of the Law Sisters.

Sex At Work Episode 5-It Happens to Men Too!

This episode turns the tables on sexual harassment to point the finger at female harassers and men who harass other men because hostile work environments and assaults are not just for women anymore!  Or were they ever?  We talk evidence this week and how to turn the tables in your favor.  This week, our Bad Boss of the Week definitely ought to have known better.

Sex At Work Episode 6-It’s about Race…and Sex!

This is the episode where Leto and Valerie wade into questions involving both sex and race, as it what if a person is female and African American, or an Asian female, or a Black man?  What happens when the discrimination is about both?  The courts have had problems with issues that involve the very long name of intersectionality: when race and sex intersect.  The Law Sisters discussion takes place right after the violence in Charlottesville and when racism is very much on everyone’s mind.

The Bad Boss of the Week gives new meaning to the word “hospitality” in the context of race and sex. And this week’s Case in the News will make your heart sing with her response to sexual harassment — okay, it is Taylor Swift.

Sex At Work Episode 7-I’m Pregnant and My Boss Doesn’t Like it

The Law Sisters bring you another episode with a twist!  The problems pregnant women face don’t stop with swollen ankles – they include shaming in the workplace, the denial of job opportunities, and sometimes outright firing. All of those are illegal, and the Law Sisters tell you what your rights are and what to expect when you exercise them. Don’t miss the rapid-fire review of hot topics at the top of the episode!

Sex At Work Episode 8-What to Wear To Work to Avoid Discrimination

The Law Sisters evaluate workplace dress codes, workplace dress shaming, and the question of whether women ask to be assaulted or discriminated against because of the way they dress.  Because “What to Wear to Work” is a trick question that we discuss up and down, from hemlines to hijabs!  

And the Law Sisters Ask a burning question:  can women stop berating women for what they wear?  It’s a constant battle of the haters out there!  And twitter is obviously not having it.  

Sex At Work Episode 9-Your Company’s Sexual Harassment Policy-Will It Protect You

The Law Sisters evaluate Company Sexual Harassment Policies.  Who are they supposed to protect?  Should you follow the policy’s statements about what to do when you are harassed or discriminated against?  Is that company policy a contract that you can use against the company?  Or just there to help the company?

Valerie and Leto talk about creative ways to talk about harassment at the workplace.  We offer some ways to classify harassers, because it is getting overwhelming out there with so many celebrity assaulters and harassers.  How do you make sense of the senseless?

Sex at Work Episode 10-When Law Makers are Law Breakers

In this episode, the Law Sisters talk about all of the politicians accused and outed as sexual harassers!  We’ve got all the details about Al Franken, who has been accused of inappropriately touching six women.  We think he has to go.  We actually think they all have to go– a completely non-partisan approach to this sexual harassment issue! Check out the bottom of our show notes for a bipartisan list of politicians that have been accused of sexual harassment.

Valerie and Leto discuss the laws that might apply if you decide to post a sexy photo of your partner on social media.  Even though some people call this Revenge Porn, it doesn’t have to be motivated by revenge and it can get you in a lot of trouble.  Remember, extortion is a crime everywhere.

Sex at Work Episode 11-It Happens to Lawyers Too 

In this episode the Law Sisters talk about sexual harassment in the legal profession with our first ever special guest, Faith Herndon!  We follow up on the the conversation we had last episode about the Congressional Office of Compliance, who counters sexual harassment complaints with under the table pay-outs.  We can’t avoid talking about the President’s tweeting faux pas of the week, involving Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, a congressional advocate against forced arbitration of sexual harassment cases.  

Leto and Valerie discuss the difficulties lawyers and employees at law firms face when it comes to sexual harassment– the exact same challenges that women in other jobs face!  We welcome Faith, a fellow lawyer in Durham, NC, to discuss her opinion of the #MeToo movement and share personal experiences with workplace sexual harassment.

Sex at Work Episode 12-Sexual Assault on College Campuses

In this episode Valerie and Leto talk about bad things that happen at college to good people! Title IX is the law that prevents discrimination because of sex on campus — and it’s a lot of law packed into only one line! Title IX protects students, teachers, and others on all campuses that take federal funds.  So when the Department of Education suggested that colleges treat those of sexual assault suddenly changed, people took notice!  And Leto shines a light onto hidden fraternity culture at some colleges, and left Valerie shaking her head.