Join us for our second episode of Sex at Work! This week is all about Fox News!

Sexual harassment is to Fox News like lice is to a kindergarten classroom– epidemic.  But, unlike a lice epidemic, where patient zero could be anyone, the Fox News Harassment epidemic was perpetrated by people in power, Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly. These powerful men implicitly endorsed discrimination at work and allegedly sexually harassed female employees.  

The way discrimination was handled at Fox News can be used as a perfect example of what NOT to do when faced with Sex at Work.

This week we will dive into the reasons why Fox gained infamy for its culture of sexual harassment and misogyny in the workplace.  We’ll talk about the latest scandals, like Naima Farrow’s case claiming pregnancy bias. We will dive into tips to avoid workplace discrimination. And, we’ll award the Fox News Bad Boss of the week, who might not be whom you’re expecting.

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Hosted by: Leto Copeley (@LetoC | Twitter), and Valerie Johnson (@ValerieAJohnson | Twitter)